Tacoby Shellsbury

I’m planning on running for President of Red Sox Nation next year (Update: Or not.. What is the term of RSN President, anyway?), and my platform is a simple one:  Tacos at Fenway Park.  Think about it, how awesome would it be to yell out "HEY TACO GUY" and have a few hard shells tossed your way?  To me, it sounds like heaven.  It would complete the Fenway experience..    In preparation for my run, I’ve held a few TACOSOX events at my house, where we make lots of tacos and watch the Red Sox.  It has been a major hit!

Further validating my theory that Fenway is severly taco-deprived:  Lowell and Pedroia brought tacos to fans camping out for tickets.

Oh, and my campaign mascot?  An Anthropomorphised taco named "Tacoby Shellsbury".  That is all.

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