The Movies I Saw in 2017

Last year I wondered if ~140 features a year was the ‘new normal’, and it appears that is the case, as in 2017 I saw 147 features. That said, it felt like a really good year for cinema.

If you are interested in the technical guts of these graphs, look here.

The graphs, as well as the list itself, are behind the jump below…

  • Total # of movies:
  • Total # of features:
  • Total # of shorts:

After a spike in 2016, this year saw the number of films I saw in the theatre settle back down to it’s typical ~40%.

With several new theatres expected to open in the area over the next year or two I expect this list to soon look even more diverse. Always happy to see such a large representation of indie theatres on this chart.

Slight uptick in first viewings, which is always welcome.

Documentaries are always a favorite of mine, but the new category “MST3K” was filled by the new season of the show (as well as revisiting a few old ones).

Pretty typical distribution for me, with a hearty spike in April due to IFFBoston.

That’s it for the graphs, below is the raw list of movies. If you hover your mouse over the title of a film you should get a brief review from me in the tooltip. (Titles in italics are repeat viewings.)

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