2016 Films in Review

Top Films of 2016 (in Alphabetical Order):

Honorable Mention: 

Bottom 5 Films of 2016:

Most Disappointing:

Best Reissue:

Most Unnecessary Remake/Reworking:

Best Movie I Finally Saw: Room

Best Director: The Daniels (Swiss Army Man)

Best Ensemble: Don’t Think Twice

Best Original Screenplay: The Daniels for Swiss Army Man

Best Adapted Screenplay: Amy Jump for High-Rise

Best Cinematography: Chung-hoon Chung for The Handmaiden

Best Soundtrack: Swiss Army Man

Most Memorable Lines:

  • Swiss Army Man
    • Hank: If you don’t know Jurassic Park, you don’t know shit.
  • High-Rise
    • Laing: You know, Toby, when I was your age, I was always covered in something. Mud, jam, failure… My father never associated himself with anything dirty. Or real.Toby: My father’s up there.Laing: You mean, in heaven?Toby: Heaven isn’t real, stupid.
  • The Witch
    • Jonas, Mercy: [singing] Black Phillip, Black Phillip, a crown grows out his head. Black Phillip, Black Phillip, to nanny queen is wed. Jump to the fence post. Running in the stall. Black Phillip, Black Phillip, king of all.

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