Ship it.

Went over to hang out with and last night at their place… We went for some delicious burgers at Bartley’s, and then spent the rest of the night (until like 12:40am) working on Mission “Burnout Revenge”. The game is great, Criterion implemented some perfect tweaks to the gameplay and setup that make a great game even more fun. We barely scratched the surface on the game, though, so the mission will have to be resumed at a later day.

On the way over to their place I saw this bumper sticker that I read as “ashington D.C. 2004″… I didn’t see the “W”, so I got up real close to the car to see if it was faded or whatever… I knew some shenanigans were afoot, and after I thought about it for a minute or two I realized the joke: No “W” in Washington… Hehehe… A bit too cerebral for a bumper sticker, but funny nonetheless.

Can anyone recommend some kind of gizmo to keep under my desk here at work that I can roll my feet on as a kind of massage? My feet are still kind of pussied out after barely being used for 2-3 months, and have been getting regularly sore after a normal amount of walking…

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  1. I’ve seen various people with them under their desk. It’s a little pad that you can rest your feet on. It has bumps, it’s tilt level is able to tbe controled, and some of them even vibrate or heat up.

    I wish I could give you the name but I haven’t seen one at MITRE yet.

  2. Okay…do they have Marbles in Boston??? Becasue you can put them in a mesh bag and then thrwo on the floor and Voila`…instant foot massage…the pet store down here sells the equivalent of a small tennis ball (for cats or small puppies) and that may wori the angle you are looking for rather than full size ones..also…you can use wooden beads (like the ones they use to make the car seat “back massage pads you know what I amspeaking of??? Anyway…just some thoughts!! Hope you have a good night..

  3. At The Body Shop and / or Bath & Body Works, they do have ridged wooden tubular devices sold for that purpose…but they are probably overpriced compared to some of the alternatives mentioned above.

  4. I’m working on Mission “Burnout Revenge” as well, though I’ve managed to get to the level of “Assassin” which opens up sections 1-9. I don’t know what % of the game I’ve finished, but I just got it last Friday, so I’d say I’ve spent too much time on it already.

    I was worried they’d mess it up, but after giving it a week, I think the improvements they’ve made really are quite nice and it still has all the great things Burnout 3 had. I like the new modes, including Battle Crash and the Crashbreaker races.

    You guys have it for PS2 or Xbox? Jeff’s got the Xbox all setup with XBMC, which would make network gaming pretty simple (and free).

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