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Took care of lots of administrivia this weekend, cleaning the apartment a bit, helping , and doing computer maintenance… I realized the reason I hadn’t been backing up my Powerbook as often as I should was just the amount of time it took to burn several DVDs… I had a 60g IDE drive lying around as well as an IDE to USB2 cable, so I decided that this is now my new backup mechanism. I am actually not very confident in the drive, however, so at some point soon I will probably replace it with a newer drive. Before I did the backup I decided it wouldn’t hurt to scan my system for virii using ClamXav, since I had never actually done that… Amusingly enough, it actually did find a few viruses, but two of them were infecting my VirtualPC “disk file”, and the others were email messages that it identified as phishing attacks, but they were all spam sitting in my “deleted” folder.

Last night I checked out “The Baxter” with the Sunday Night Film Club.. It was written and directed by Michael Showalter (of “The State”, “Stella”, and “Wet Hot American Summer” fame), and while the trailer had me on the fence, the film was really funny and entertaining. It seems to me that for years we’ve had very loud comedies like “Old School”, “Austin Powers”, etc… But this year, with “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” and “The Baxter”, I was reminded that you don’t need to be beat over the head with blunt, abrasive jokes constantly for 90 minutes…

3 thoughts on “PC Load Letter

  1. it must be in the air

    Oh a total whim, I started backing-up all my powerbook data. I just got this feeling that it should be done ASAP. Burning DVDs is a pain (even with dual layer, not to mention the discs are stupid expensive still).

    While going through my old PC, I found 3 (8 were in the machine) drives that gave up on life. I was having fun with smart folders and Automator.

  2. You have a Powerbook? How long have you had one of those? I’m saving my pennies to get a 15″ before the end of the year.

    PS. There’s a chance I may be in Bean Town in the near future. Permanently.

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