Jury Duty

I had jury duty yesterday, and overall it was a positive experience… I got there around 8am, as instructed, but apparently they were just buffering, because they weren’t really ready for us until 8:30am. We filed into the jury room, filled out some paperwork, watched an awful video on how the system works, and then moved on to impanelment. The first case, a gun possession charge against two defendants, I was selected for the jury, but then one of the lawyers sent me packing for undisclosed reasons… But like 20 minutes later we were brought in for a second impanelment, where I was once again selected, and this time served… It was a DUI case, and after an hour or so of testimony from the cop, the defendant, and an eyewitness, we found the guy guilty.. He changed his story a few times during his testimony and at the end of the day we believed the cop and the witness much more than we believed the defendant…

I got my pre-order of The Craig Machine yesterday and have been listening to it pretty much non-stop.. It rocks socks.

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