Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I really liked the new adaptation of Hitchhiker’s… There were a few additions I wasn’t so into (mostly the expanded Humma Kuvula subplot), but that was wholly and entirely made up for by the opening dolphin song-and-dance number. The movie was different from the Books, BBC Radio and Television shows, but all three of those works were different from each other too.. I believe I remember reading that Douglas Adams said that each adaptation was a sort of parallel universe, and this fits in nicely…

2 thoughts on “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  1. Eh, I wasn’t that into the whole deal. It was interesting, and some of the jokes were funny, but I just couldn’t buy into the whole thing.

    That said, Zaphod had me giggling the entire time. “Hey, good to see ya….fantastic…*contant winning smile*”

  2. I didn’t really care for the movie. The dolphin number was… well, it was cute but it didn’t seem to serve a purpose. The movie didn’t have enough gems to make the fans really happy, and it didn’t have enough exposition to really explain anything to the people not familiar with the plot. What good jokes they told didn’t make sense to my fiancee who has not read the books.

    I liked the casting for Arthur and Trillian and Marvin. Zaphod… not a bad choice but I really think the head thing just ruined that character for me in the movie.

    They left out so many important things, like the whole reason Ford had a towel on him the entire movie. And I’ll never forgive them for not including the “Beware of the Leopard” line in. It would have been 15 seconds more and have made the scene.

    So much wrong with it… and I’ll still buy the DVD and go see any sequels they make. I’m so weak.

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