Mainly just chilling this weekend… I decided yesterday that it’d be nice to re-read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy before seeing the movie with the Sunday Night Film Club tomorrow, so I polished that off between yesterday and today. I re-listened to the original radio shows somewhere over the course of the past year, so it was nice to check out the book perspective on the story again.. Which reminds me, I have the “Tertiary Phase” radio drama they made last year lying around here somewhere, I should probably listen to it… I guess I will when I start commuting again..

On that note, only a few days until my doctor’s appointment, after which I will hopefully be able to return to work. I can’t believe it’s only been two months since my accident, it feels like it’s been 6, but it will be nice to get back there (even if I’m sure that feeling won’t last all that long.. :P)

I also gave Episode I and II another chance this week, and to be honest, I liked them much more this time around.. Yeah, Jar-Jar still sucks, no doubt, and there were a few plot points I thought were lame, but as I’ve argued for some time, the original trilogy wasn’t any kind of monument to good cinema. I also got tickets for Corinna and I to see Episode III on opening day (in the evening, not at midnight like some of the true fanboys).

I installed MacOSX 10.4 (a.k.a. “Tiger”) last night… I had recently done a backup with Impression, so it was just a matter of doing a little incremental backup. Amazon still hasn’t actually shipped my copy of Tiger, but since they’ve charged me for it, I didn’t feel guilty using someone else’s copy to install on my machine. So far, so good… A little more refined, a little more functionality, and I’m really excited to start playing around with some of the developer-oriented technologies (Core Data, especially).

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