Edge of No Control

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4 thoughts on “Edge of No Control

  1. omg!

    THU JUN 30 New York, NY – Irving Plaza

    I am so going! I saw them on the uh, subliminal sandwich tour? I don’t even know it was so long ago.

    1. Hehe, I pretty much posted this just for you… :) Jon Whitney called me up to talk about some shit and just before we hung up he was like “Oh, did I email you about Meat Beat? Yeah, they’re coming to town in June”. Before I got of the phone I was at Ticketmaster… :)

      Jon’s actually putting out a MBM 7″ on Brainwashed. I picked up one of the limited edition copies with the handmade sleeve by Mr. Dangers.. I don’t even have a record player, guess I’ll figure that part out later… :)

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