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Following jwz’s
, I thought some of you might find it interesting to see what have Season Passes for on our TiVo (in no particular order):

  • American Idol – I love the audition episodes of this show but
    stop watching after that. Corinna, however, is a devotee.
  • Good Eats – I think I’ve made it pretty clear in this journal how
    devoted I am to this show.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise – This is all me. I know the show is bad,
    but I can’t stop watching. I think if it wasn’t Count Bakula as the captain
    I wouldn’t even watch.
  • America’s Next Top Model – I take no responsiblity for this one,
    it is *ALL* Corinna. I can’t stand this show.
  • Real Time With Bill Maher – The both of us watch this show pretty
    regularly… What can I say, we are Massachusetts Liberals.. :)
  • The Sopranos – This show is great (although not as great as it
    once was. I got Corinna hooked on this show when we first started dating,
    and we watch it religiously when it is in season.
  • Deadwood – I watch this show pretty much solo… It gets kinda
    soap opera-y sometimes, but it’s gritty and foul-mouthed, so I like it. :P
  • The Secret Life of Machines – This is one of my favorite nerd
    shows of all time, and occasionally it turns up on television..
    Fortunately, though, I have all the episodes in Divx format, so I don’t
    really need this pass anymore.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Still one of my favorite network
    shows.. Sure, it’s formulaic, but I like the formula. Corinna also likes
    the show, but isn’t quite as devoted.
  • The Simple Life: Interns – Corinna’s show, but Paris Hilton is
  • CSI: Miami – The red-headed stepchild of CSI (literally). This
    show pales in comparison to the original, but I still watch it. Corinna
    hates it.
  • CSI: NY – About on par with it’s Miami bretheren… I pretty
    much just haven’t gotten around to removing this season pass yet….
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – We both like this show,
    although I think Corinna is taking a break from watching it right now.
  • Battlestar Galactica – The Scifi that I don’t feel guilty
    about… It’s not great, but it’s leaps and bounds better than most (all)
    other Sci-fi television… It’s better than the past 3 Star Trek series
    combined. Corinna doesn’t really watch this, although I’m not sure if it’s
    time or disgust related.
  • World Poker Tour – I’m a junkie, I can’t help it… Corinna
    doesn’t share my passion..
  • Saturday Night Live – We both watch this knowing it’s going to
    suck each week. We are basically just waiting for a new, good cast to
    arrive. Tina Fey is hot.
  • South Park – We are suckers for Matt & Trey… South Park is
    pure genius.
  • Homicide: Life on the Street – I love this abandoned show…
    This season pass is just hopeful that at some point it will return in
  • Gilmore Girls – Corinna thru-and-thru.. I get nauseous just
    HEARING the dialogue when I am on the computer and she is watching it.
  • Innovation – A PBS series in line with Nova and Scientific
    American Frontiers…. All me.
  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – Corinna got me hooked on these
    loveable little queers.
  • Jeopardy! – We were total junkies but haven’t watched much since
    Ken Jennings busted out.
  • MythBusters – Quoting , These guys have the best
    job. Corinna isn’t into this show.
  • Cook’s Tour – Tony Bourdain’s books, “Kitchen Confidential” and
    “A Cook’s Tour” rock, and this show makes me hungry every time I watch
  • Airline – Probably the trashiest television I watch. People
    freaking out in airports…
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm – This show grates on me sometimes, but most
    of the time Larry David makes me laugh… Corinna isn’t so much into it.
  • 60 Minutes – This barely ever gets recorded due to conflicts, and
    even when it doesn’t watch it in fast-forward unless I see something that
    looks good. Corinna hates this show.
  • Chappelle’s Show – We watched Chappelle’s show for awhile, but it
    didn’t last long..
  • American Chopper – When I just want to veg out in front of the TV
    I turn this on… It fits right into my “watching angry people” thing
  • Reno 911! – “The State” was great, and so is this show. Corinna
    and I love it, although we don’t really watch the reruns at all.
  • ER – Corinna always talks about how much she hates this show but
    watches it ever week… I never really got into it.
  • Blind Date – 10% successful dates and 90% disasters. You can
    guess which percentage I watch the show for.
  • Thirsty Traveler – I really hate the host of this show but find
    the subject matter interesting.
  • Tenacious D – This show was hit-or-miss but Jack & Kyle are
    funny… Interestingly enough, JB fan Corinna never seemed to get into the
  • Six Feet Under – I love this show, although the last season
    wasn’t quite up to par… Corinna is also hooked on it.
  • Star Trek – She’s a trekkie, what can I say… I was never
    really into old Trek…
  • Nova – ‘Nuff said… Corinna only watches this occasionally.
  • Family Bonds – I’ve always been fascinated by bounty hunters/bail
    bondsmen… This show isn’t great, but it feeds my curiosity.
  • Viva La Bam – I loved Jackass and I love this show, even though I
    can tell parts of it are forced and scripted…
  • The People’s Court – I used to watch Wapner every day as a kid,
    and it parlayed into watching Marilyn… Corinna is just as into this show
    as me.
  • The Surreal Life – We started watching this show but never really
    followed thru… It’s a straggler season pass..
  • Project Runway – Another show I can’t stand.
  • Iron Chef America – I was amazed at how the (second) American
    version of Iron Chef kept some homage-y cheekyness but threw out the rest,
    leaving a simply good show.
  • It Takes a Thief – Another show I’m currently testing out… It
    was interesting at first, but my interest seems to be fading..
  • Masterminds – An old favorite that
    recently reminded me of… Criminals are fascinating…
  • Henry’s Film Corner – Who’da thunk it? Henry Rollins reviewing
    films… I’ve only seen one episode so far, but I love Henry, so I presume
    I’ll keep watching.
  • SCTV – I watched this show more growing up than SNL… I just
    found out that TV Land is rerunning, so I am psyched.
  • Ebert & Roeper – With the film club, it’s good to know what’s
    coming around… While I let their opinions barely register, I try not to
    let the reviewers influence me too much… Corinna likes this one too…

There you have it… In addition, I’ve been watching Lost and the new Doctor Who, but I don’t watch those on the TiVo, if you know what I mean… :)

7 thoughts on “Season Pass

  1. I really miss Homicide. CourtTV used to do reruns of it, but I guess not anymore/lately. I have the first two seasons (or 1st & half) burned to a dvd somewhere.

    and I agree, CSI Miami sucks so much ass. NY isn’t as bad but nothing beats the original.

    Why isn’t Carnivale on that list?

    1. I watched the first few episodes of Carnivale but it lost me… I really WANT to like it, especially given Michael Anderson, but it hasn’t happened yet..

      1. that’s really too bad. I find Carnivale absolutely amazing. the first season went by really slowly and it was frustrating to never learn anything substantial in the plot, but the second season (ended last week) went by so fast … I’m disappointed with the last episode, especially if it’s the end of the series, but overall it’s still an excellent show. you should try and give it another chance.


        and it just seems right for Michael Anderson to be in that role.

  2. Holy shit, that’s a fuckton of television. I don’t think I could even name that many different TV shows. I guess when you’re gimpy you’ve got plenty of time to watch. ;-)

    1. Well, also many of the season passes are set to “record 3 (or 4 or 5) episodes and save until I delete”, so it will keep X episodes around but stop recording new ones until I’ve watched/deleted one.. So lots of stuff sits around the Tivo for awhile until I get around to it… Also, many of those shows are once-a-week dealies, and I don’t watch re-runs much, so it’s not as bad as it looks…

      But yes, it’s a (metric) fuckton of television. =)

  3. Is “Thirsty Traveler” even on anymore? I enjoyed it when it was on the first time, but it seemed to vanish.

    My TiVo is suffering from a bad case of neglect. It works so hard and I almost never watch it. To be fair, I almost never watch any TV, and I never watch anything that isn’t on TiVo at home. Too busy with school, activism and Halo 2. Not always in that order.

    What I do watch matches your list pretty well. I stopped watching WPT. I like the show but GOD, it’s episodes are too long. What I do watch is usually Good Eats, Mythbusters, or something a wishlist caught. Tracy usually watches Monk, which is an alright show. We also watch reruns of Trigger Happy TV, though mostly just for the Sad Penguin skits.

    1. “Thirsty Traveler” moved to Fine Living tv… It’s the same company as FoodTV, I guess they just wanted it on the other network…

      WPT isn’t bad if you watch it on the Tivo… I can watch an episode in about an hour once I skip all the commercials, babe segments, non-hand commentary by the hosts, and other useless crap. I just want to watch the hands played, everything else is crap.

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