I give up.

I fought this for a long time, but much like I tell others to give up on the term “Hacker” (and how it is often improperly applied to illicit individuals, as opposed to it’s original, true, meaning), I think it’s time for me to suck it up and admit I’ve lost the battle against the word “blog”. The word still disgusts me, but I am fed up having to explain to people that this is a journal, not a blog, and correct them when they refer to it as such. Language evolves, and if the rest of the population seems to agree on the use of a word, fighting the flow is futile.

5 thoughts on “I give up.

  1. I am eagerly awaiting the time when we can stop treating “blogging” as though it is a special activity whose participants are in a seperate class. I am tired of seeing stories with headlines like “Blogger detained at airport.” This makes as much sense as “Hyundai driver given no room for cream at Starbucks.”

  2. This would have been a more believable April Fool’s post if you weren’t such a stubborn bastard about it all along.

    Even so, there’s a distinction between a blog and a journal, and most of LJ falls into the latter.

    1. I think the distinction is bullshit. I’ve heard the arguments over and over, and the long and short of it is bloggers trying to make themselves seem more important/serious than 13 year old girls.

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