I left the apartment a bit after 7am this morning, and stood in line for about 40 minutes or so to vote… When I got to the front it turned out that I got my old folks homes confused and I really needed to vote at the polling station across the street at the OTHER old folks home. Fortunately, the line was a little shorter there… The first line was about 100 people or so, almost all of which were my age or younger… There was only a smattering of people older than me on either line… I really hope the turnout is as good (or better) than predictions… Regardless of who wins, I’d like to see as many people vote as possible…

3 thoughts on “Voting

  1. it took steve an hour to vote this morning, and I can see that the civic center is packed. and this is alabama. not sure what indication this is on a national level, but our town is much smaller than yours and our voting place is packed.

  2. Hour and a half wait this morning at Ground Zero Fuckup…I mean Florida. People in front of me said they’d used the same polling place for the last 3 presidential elections and the turnout was never even close to this big. And we had early voting. Encouraging.

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