I still love this country

While I don’t blame Kerry for not conceding until the last vote is counted (when things are this close), things look pretty grim, and it really doesn’t look like he is going to win.  I simply can’t understand how people can vote for Bush, but I guess I am outnumbered.  The turnout was high, but it doesn’t look like it was in the 120s like people were predicting…  I am amazed that the Bush camp would claim victory when it is fairly close after the last election…  But they amaze me all the time. :)

This is also an amazing repetition of the failure of Polls…  Yesterday’s exit polls showed Kerry with an edge in several key states, but this morning it’s looking like that edge was nonexistent.  And like I said, I don’t blame Kerry for holding off, I sure hope that he doesn’t go sore-loser style if it doesn’t go his way once Ohio is finished counting.

I am very disappointed, but what can you do?  All we can do is hunker together for the next senatorial election, and in the next four years find a stronger candidate.  That is all.

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  1. I agree with you. I tried very hard last night to figure out why people vote for Bush. Why did I hear that everyone hated Bush for what he was doing in Irag and the economy etc. yet he is up in the polls. Its all really up to how people take his moral values. And they were saying that they were not correct in saying that Kerry had the young vote. Not as many young people voted as they had thought. Who knows. My view is just one but I stand by who I voted for.

  2. We were never suppose to hear about the polling data but some media tards leaked it.

    At least the Bush victory allows Hillary to run in ’08. :)

  3. perhaps i’m just one to cling to conspiracy theory, but i’m not 100% convinced that the polls were wrong just yet. i just really don’t trust the electronic voting machines yet.

    i do think that polling groups need to start doing much larger samplings of people. with the people being burnt out, i pollsters have to work on reducing the margin of error.

    but yeah, fixing the margin of error doesn’t help anyone now.

  4. I truly believe that Kerry is a symptom of his situation and not a cause. The reality is that the Democrat Party is simply not competitive in enough states. Democrats basically conceded the southern half of the US from Georgia to New Mexico to the Republicans over the last couple of cycles and that makes it hard to win. I think that James Carville had it right last night when he said that the democrat party needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and wonder why a weak president who did poor in the first debate couldn’t be beaten and not only that won the popular vote majority. Democrats always prided themselves as the ‘big tent’ party. Conservative democrats are nearly extinct and there is no hope of winning anything but the NE and the West Coast without them. Now it is time to prove that the Democrats have a big tent.

    1. Conservative Democrats are nearly extinct? How do you see that? I see that the Democrats have been pretty centrist these last few election cycles.

      I mean seriously on Health Care Kerry is more conservative than Nixon was.

      1. By 2004 standards there is nothing conservative about the Kerry health plan unless everything is conservative up until a government take of the entire industry. He would like nothing more than to destroy the pharmaceutical industry by price controls as one example. Second I say this because the states that have elected conservative democratic for eternity aren’t anymore because they can’t find any and what ones are left don’t sit well in the party dominated by California, New York, Mass & Washington democrats. This is purely conjecture on my part but when candidates like Kerry do come out with more conservative positions nobody believes them with Teddy Kennedy, Michel Moore and the New York Times as his endorsement.

        Just take a look at the conventions. Was their single pro-life supporter of Kerry in all of Boston at that time…I think not. One could say the Republicans were just posturing with Giuliani but at least they did that.

        1. My reading of Nixon’s health care proposals (hey I was an infant at the time) makes them just a step short of Socialized Medicine. They included physicians on salary instead of charging on a case by case basis.

          I see Kerry’s platform as centrist or right of center. He didn’t propose Socialized Medicine. He’s strong on the Military. He supported Civil Union’s not full gay marriage. He supports the patriot act, which is not a particularly Left model of personal rights.

          I don’t recall, and can’t quickly find, a statement by Kerry about drug price controls, but he did support importation of prescription drugs which is a a typically Right/free trade issue.

          His anti-outsourcing stand is the classically Left/pro labor position I can come up with off the top of my head.

          I just don’t see that he has a lot of room to move right and still distinguish himself from the Right.

          1. First of all I was talking about the entire party not just Kerry in particular, who isn’t exactly loved by many in the party. If you are loosing senate seats in southern states don’t expect your presidential candidate to do well.

            Second, Nixon was a lot more liberal that most Dems would concede. He was pro gun control and started the EPA. So I don’t know what your comparing here.

            You’ve answered the price control question yourself. If you allow mass import of drugs from Canada a country that has a socialized system with price controls you import those price controls. Economically, assuming no trade barriers, there is no difference who sets the price control the market will have to react to it. And furthermore I don’t see how it helps American jobs to import priced controlled drugs that we manufacture back into the country. If I worked for Merck or Pfizer that wouldn’t feel like job protection to me.

            Again on issues like

            ‘He supported Civil Union’s not full gay marriage. He supports the patriot act’

            Lots of people think he is full of shit, including me. Of course he believes in gay marriage and of course he and the ACLU would tear down the Patriot Act asap. He just couldn’t say and have any hope of winning. Why didn’t he vote for the Defense of Marriage Act which Clinton signed into law? That law would have stated he current position exactly.

            He’s strong on the Military.

            This can be argued. During the debates he argued that Bush didn’t get the broad coalition his father got before going in. Well when Kerry voted in ’91 he voted against the war resolution already know the UN security counsel authorized force and a massive coalition was forming. Please someone justify this position for me? I don’t think so. His defense/intelligence record in the Senate has more holes than I could even begin with here.

            1. You made the comment that Conservative Democrats are nearly extinct. I disagree and I was trying to make the point that the Democratic party is pretty Centrist and their candidate for president is very conservative. Right now, if any one person embodies the ideals of the Democratic party at this time it’s Kerry.

              Look at politicalcompass.org‘s analysis of the 2004 election, they put Kerry right of center. Conservative Democrat’s are not extinct, they are the norm.

  5. Maybe the red sox used up all the magic left in your state this year :-) Given the choice I’m betting most people up there would have taken the world series over the election :-)

    I don’t understand this country anymore. I think conservative, homophobic warmongers are just outbreeding us. Maybe we need to loosen gun laws to increase hunting accidents?

    I’m sure Iraq is thinking “You want to give us THAT!?” right now.

  6. I don’t get it either.

    How can voters ignore the fact that Bush is running our country into the ground economically and environmentally, that problems with education, social security and health care continue to be larger issues and that he is making us into the hated bully in the world playground? What is the point in electing him because they think he may be better at winning the war on terror, if he completely ruins our future here at home?

    Why are we fighting in Iraq to give them a chance at the democracy and personal freedom that we hold so dear, while at home we are tossing it away? It pains me that 11 states voted against the rights of gay Americans. And now, with Republicans (probably) holding the House, the Senate, and the White House, and Bush most likely getting to name the next Supreme Court Justice, they will continue to infringe on our civil liberties.

    HILLARY IN ’08! I am starting my campaigning now.

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