This weekend

Went to Sean and Kelly’s Halloween party out near Ithaca this weekend… came with, and and Michelle rode with us… There were tons of people there though… It was tons of fun for me, a bit less fun for Corinna, but she still had a good time (she wasn’t too comfortable with the bathroom arrangements)… I participated in cutting down a 75 foot tree, Sean did the cutting, we did the “making sure it didn’t hit the house”. Many people took pictures, but I wasn’t one of them… When I locate some of them, I’ll let you know.

Last night we watched Saw, and it was pretty bad… The acting sucked, the plot was fairly lame and rehashed, and the directing was terrible. There was occasionally a flash of a good idea, but the movie was a waste of money…

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I feel good about Kerry’s chances tomorrow. I think there will actually be a few points seperating them…

5 thoughts on “This weekend

  1. The bookies have the following lines:

    1:1.57 for Bush.
    1:2.25 for Kerry.

    That means for every $1 you risk betting on Bush you win back $.57. For Kerry you win back $1.25. They are laying pretty goods odds on Bush winning!

    1. I seem to remember those same bookies giving Lakers 1-2 odds and Pistons something like 1-25.

      Hmmm…Red Sox odds? Think they were wrong again.

      Not the most reliable, those bookies.

      I think it is the year of the underdog myself.

      1. I don’t know about the Pistons and the Lakers, but the bookies had the Red Sox at 1:1.6 meaning for every dollar you risk you win back 1.60– they were favorites favorites just like Bush.

  2. GO KERRY!

    This weekend the winds were so bad that they knocked over our basketball hoop…however, they did not blow our Kerry sign away.

    BUT…more importantly…how can you post about going to a Halloween party without reporting on what, if any, costumes you two wore? Inquiring minds wanna know!

    1. We actually didn’t dress up…. Last week was a ridiculous week for me at work, lots of long, long days, and Corinna had to do the same to make up the schoolwork she was missing out on by taking the weekend off to go galavanting with me…

      Fortunately, like 3 people actually dressed up at the party, so…

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