Tad & Danielle’s Wedding

I really should have done an update covering Tad & Danielle’s wedding
before I travelled, but alas, you are just going to get the short, short
version. It was tons of fun… and I left the
apartment at 9:30a and picked up Adam & Dez… We were running a bit
late and scooted into the place with like 10 mins to spare….

The hall or whatever you call it was really nice, as was the
ceremony… DJ looked beautiful, and it was nice to be at another
not-very-religious wedding service… There were so many friends there,
so many people I haven’t seen in ages… It was just a wonderful

After the reception there was a party at shaggy’s place in NH. Some
poor judgement was invoked when we decided to drive back to Boston to
change into street clothes before the party. Corinna and I forgot a
change of clothes in the mad rush to leave in the morning… So we took
a 3ish hour detour, and we dragged Dez with us. But we finally got to
the party on fumes and having to pee real bad… It was tons of fun,
but corinna didn’t really enjoy herself since she didn’t really know
anyone and I was spending lots of time catching up with people…

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  1. I think there should be a support group for CSH girlfriends/fiance/wives to help them through those troubled times. Actually, typically I think it’s ‘s wife Ruth-Anne’s job — but she wasn’t feeling good so she didn’t come to the wedding.

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