Luke, Dez, Adam, & Rory

Hanging out with Luke, Dez, Adam, & Rory today… Here are some

6 thoughts on “Luke, Dez, Adam, & Rory

  1. wow. i didn’t recognize Adam at first. Luke also looks completely different than i expected, a whole beard.

    no wonder i feel so out of touch :)

      1. Ex-Kentuckyan Austrian Gays are no longer allowed in the country. Patriot Act.

        Hey, Sean, remember a while ago I asked you about getting a copy of WPT et al from your DVD rips and you said it was cool as long as I sent you the DVD-R’s?

        Can you send your mailing address to hastybreaching at hotmail? That’d be sweet. Also, how much poker television do you have? Because I’ll take as much as you wanna give, baby.

        1. I didn’t get the whole wpt season, and I think some of the eps got fucked…. They sell the dvds now, so it might be easier just to rent them or something…

          If you still want copies I can make that happen when I get back from TX

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