Johnny was a punk rocker

Now Johnny Ramone dies… It just seems like The Ramones are destined to die fairly young (in their 50s).. If I were Tommy, Marky, or C.J. I’d already be in my car driving to the doctor… Seems like strange timing with the recent benefit/tribute as well as the release of the documentary..

A few more “ribbon magnet” observations: I think the cheesy cursive font the words “Support Our Troops” is written in on the most popular variation adds that little bit of tackiness to the fiasco. Also, I saw a hybrid ribbon (half yellow, half red, white, and blue) today that really cheesed my goat.

4 thoughts on “Johnny was a punk rocker

    1. Joey (lead singer) died in 2001 of lymph cancer. Dee Dee (bassist) died of a heroin OD several months later. Johnny, who just died of prostate cancer, was the guitarist.

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