I’m a Film Snob

I stopped by CVS on the way home today, which is right next door to Newbury Comics, so I popped in to see what is what.  They have these monthly DVD sales, this month it is a foreign director sale…  So I started browsing the sale section:  Kieslowski?  Check.  Kurosawa?  Check.  Jackson?  Check.  Then I come across Terry Gilliam.  I think to myself:  “Wait a second, Terry Gilliam is American!”.  I then pace the store, angrily trying to decided whether I will hold this in or notify one of the people working the store…  I decide I just can’t hold it in, and pull one of the guys aside.  He didn’t seem to care, but a co-worker overheard the conversation and mentioned that “I was the second person to bring it up, but the DVD is still on sale”…  :)

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