My war

My war? It’s the war against hideous “Yellow Ribbon Magnets” on the back of cars. I am all for supporting the troops, but these magnets aren’t the way to do it. First off, why a Magnet? Do you plan to STOP supporting the troops at some point in the future? Do you support the troops, but not enough to make a permanent commitment to them? I mean, really, when your clearcoat is more important than the life of our kids overseas and otherwise, what does that really say about your support?

Second, if you are going to put something on the back of your car displaying your support of the troops, does it have to be a gaudy faux-ribbon? I know this is purely an aestetic thing, but on the ride in I saw 100 of these things and they are simply ugly (Especially the Red, White, and Blue variant). On the other hand, I saw several bumper stickers displaying support for the troops in normal “bumper sticker” format and they conveyed the same message without being ugly.

Finally, it seems that about 50-60% of the people who ride with these magnets feel the need to rotate the “ribbon” so that the “Support Our Troops!” text on the one arm of the “ribbon” is parallel to the pavement. As if they are saying “You are too stupid to recognize this symbol” or “Here, retard, I will straighten this text out for you because you OBVIOUSLY are too spastic to read it at an angle”.

It’s a silly war, sure, but it’s my war…

13 thoughts on “My war

  1. if i had a car i would create a new magnet that was puke green to support your war. it would say “MY SUPPORT REQUIRES A RIBBON” and every letter would be rotated 90 degrees from the previous letters rotation so as no suitable alignment could be found.

  2. Bill and I had a similar discussion on the ribbons…only to come to the conclusion that the magnet instead of the sticker just made it easier to punish people by removing the ribbons from cars as they were found in the parking lot….(please note: if this has been instigated already, it was not my doing and I haven’t stolen any ribbons)

  3. It’s like the stupid flag stickers who’s colors are now faded.

    I was patriotic before and after September 11 and don’t need to plaster a flag on my car. Same with the troops – before, during, and after the war.

  4. cognitive dissonance. whee.

    wow. i had no idea they were magnets. that’s just mindboggling. and i bet that at least half of these people (with their temporary patriotism) would be the first to jump down my throat for “aiding the terrorists” if i proudly proclaimed my ‘anyone but bush’ stance to them…

  5. My mother-in-law has a huge one on her trunk. It is, at least, straight up and down.

    As someone in the graphic design field, I must say that most stuff stuck on cars offends me aesthetically. And I wonder who designs the stuff, because most of it is foul.

  6. perhaps you have not yet experienced the burning hatred that is seeing one of those black “W, the president” stickers that are so prevalent in the south. they say to me “we think we’re yuppie or something and these stickers make us feel smart and important.”

    I see either that sticker, a jesus fish, or a yellow ribbon on about 95% of the cars (SUVs or pickups) around here.

    I got an idea–support our troops. End the war!!

    1. Duh, that’s the point. That’s why they are evil.

      If you support the troops, you shouldn’t ever have to take them off. Supporting the troops isn’t a temporary job. These magnets are just little placebos for people who feel guilty for not truly supporting the troops. But when the war is over, and most of our men and women are home safely, the magnets will come off, which is very lame.

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