Pass the ammo, Grandpa!

Boy, was this weekend fun…  I put this post off all day thinking I wouldn’t be able to summarize the weekend properly…  I just decided to say screw it, and just give it a stab.  I’m sure the other guilty parties can fill in the blanks…  Here are some pictures

and I left work around 4:30pm on thursday and hit the road to Rochester…  The weather was kind of crappy, with the hurricane remnants and all, so it took us about 6ish hours to get out there…  I drove the whole way there, and we only stopped once for sugar and urination.  We were originally planning on going directly to Nick’s, but we heard Dez wouldn’t be in until midnight, so we ended up on floor for awhile instead.  I met a bunch of the frosh, did some intro sheets, and just hung out..  Even when I feel out a bit of place being so old, I still feel comfy at CSH.  I will admit, however, that this time I felt more awkward and old than any previous time…

We (Matt, , and myself) headed out to the airport to pick up dez while rounded up the troops to meet us at Nick’s.  It was a great time, I’d say 15-20 CSHers showed up throughout our time there, and I almost finished my plate (just a handful of home fries left).  Afterwards, however, I began some evil.  See, Matt and I had a pact:  We would consume the Krispy Kreme “Original Glazed” Frozen Blend together.  We recruited a few others (well, and the rest of the people who came in my car) to join in while sitting at Nick’s.  What the others didn’t realize though was that on the way home from Nick’s I would be possessed by an evil demon that would take us directly to Krispy Kreme.  What they ALSO didn’t realize is that when I asked “What size?”, I would ignore the response and immediately order 5 *large* drinks.  The drive-thru attendant responded “5????” and snickering was heard in the background.  This was a sign of things to come.  To make an awful story short, the drinks are terrible.  On top of that, we drank them after nick’s, which multiplied the upset stomach factor by 10x.  On top of that, we were wired until nearly daylight, but feeling like shit.  I tried to sleep but I couldn’t hold my eyes closed.  For real.

By morning, however, I was feeling great, even though I woke up at 1pm and missed my lunch with .  I mailed him telling him I was a spaz and we all went to Dibella’s.  Mmm, I missed that place.  A large gaggle of people took a walk around campus, Matt had some fun.  Towards the end of the walk, I broke off and met up with Bob…  I hadn’t talked to him in person, well, probably since Scoot’s BBQ last year, so it was great catching up with him.  After an hour or so I headed back to the residential side just in time for some spaz balancing on monitors in the quad outside of NRH.  I can’t believe this guy perilously played with monitors for like 45 minutes and Campus Safety never even made it around. :)  I took so many videos of that guy that I filled up my camera and wasn’t able to take any photos for the rest of the weekend.

After the monitor fiasco, we headed to the Old Toad, and caught up with even more CSHers…  This is when the story starts getting a little blurry, thanks to the magic of JD.  After a few hours (and some killer Shepard’s Pie) at the Toad, we headed over ‘s place for a little get-together.  Tim H. (former Goodrich co-op) met up with us…  I’m sure it was great hanging out with him that night, but the night is a little blurry…

I managed to avoid a hangover Saturday morning, and we all got up and headed over to Welcome Back…  Boy, what a beautiful day!  We hung out at Mendon Ponds, I geocached with Jared, I caught up with and a bunch of others…  Even that cycloptic bastard showed.  It’s just hard to encapsulate the day like that…  After the picnic, 20 of us went to Dinosaur BBQ for some tasty, tasty, pig.    Mmmm…  Boy, do I love pig.  We then ran over to Abbott’s for some custard, and then back to floor for FUMN.

This episode of FUMN (which, admittedly, was a bit thrown together for Wes’ benefit, and wasn’t entirely planned out) consisted of:

  1. Meet the Feebles
  2. Wild at Heart
  3. The Crazies
  4. Naked Lunch

People didn’t seem to get into Meet the Feebles so much this time around…  It was totally by request, a bunch of people asked me to show it, yet a bunch of the audience seemed to shrug it off…  This I can’t understand, but it is tough programming one of these events..  People love/hated Wild at Heart, exactly as I expected (and hoped).  Even if people weren’t into it, there is no arguing that it isn’t fucked up.  The Crazies was a movie I hadn’t seen in a LONG time, but was well received…  I had remembered it being really bleak, and even though it is a hokey b-movie, I think it isn’t too far from reality.  And Naked Lunch, well, I hadn’t shown that since the 2nd FUMN, and really felt it deserved a second showing..  That said, I should have shown it early on, because it was clearly the most fucked up of the bunch, but it was on so late that barely anyone saw it (including me, who passed out on the couch).  Thanks to everyone who came out for it, and I was glad that my lack of planning wasn’t a total disaster.  There are a few upcoming DVD releases on the horizon that I am really looking forward to for future FUMNs.  I can’t believe I have been doing this at least once a year for 5 or 6 years now…  There’s still plenty of fucked up cinema out there for you guys, so as long as you (and the committee) have me, I’ll keep coming back…

Sunday we hit up Dibella’s one last time before heading back.  I did the first 200 miles, and Matt did the second.  We made it back in amazing time, just over 5 hours…  I had plenty of time to return to my apartment before heading out to see End of the Century: The Story of The Ramones with the SNFC….  Only one other person showed up, I guess even today The Ramones don’t get the respect they deserve… :(

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  1. For those of us still paying off that education, it’s good to see that all that brain power isn’t being waste!! Being with good friends is always a major mood elevator huh?? (Kind of balances the power of “Jack”).

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