Don’t Stop Til’ Ya Get Enough

Saw “Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman” last night and was pretty disappointed… But the Zaftig’s meal afterwards made the trip out worth it… This weekend was spent making cookies and playing Doom3. I am almost done with the game, up against Sarge. I played some Doom 3 multiplayer this weekend as well, it was lots of fun, after one round of figuring things out, I began my ass kicking… I left after winning several rounds by a large margin… Nice to know I haven’t completely lost my skills.

I have a rash underneath my right armpit.. It developed towards the end of last week, I assume it is some kind of sweat related thing, but I don’t know, as this is my first rash (well, I’m sure I had diaper rash at some point). I am treating it with Cortizone cream for now and will go to the doctors if it doesn’t clear up soon (or if it starts to grow). It’s kinda embarassing, but hell, I religiously shower every day, so it’s not like a hygiene thing… Oh well.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Til’ Ya Get Enough

    1. Anti-perspirants used to give me bad underarm rashes (maybe a reaction to the aluminum?), but try switching to just a plain scented deoderant… unless of course you sweat like a fiend.

      1. Hmmm…

        I would ask you about your laundry soap, however, you’d have a rash all over your body…

        Also, rumor has it your body changes every 7 years…and being that you’re gettin’ up there in age (heheh)….your body could be changing again so you could have a new reaction to that weird stuff you claim is deoderant. :-)

        1. Re: Hmmm…

          Well, if it were my deodorant, even with a 7 year change wives tale, wouldn’t you expect a rash under BOTH armpits (especially since I have continued to deodorize the non-rashed arm)?

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