11 thoughts on “Boondock Saints

  1. wh wha what

    “What?! he doesnt like the boondock saints”

    this is the reaction of many CSH’ers upon reading you post at summer camping (yeah we are lj whores) meh, c’est la vie.

    1. Re: wh wha what

      It wouldn’t have been so bad if people hadn’t made it out to be so much more than it was… My expectations were set so high that I really thought it blew.

      1. Re: wh wha what

        ahh ok well yeah, I thought it was a great action flick, but if you were expecting something more then cool gunfights, it would be a bit dissapointing.

          1. Re: wh wha what

            uhh yeah?

            In nomini patri et fili et spirit du sancti?

            where they kill all the evil doers? you cant tell me there werent some pretty cool gun fights in that bad boy

      2. Re: wh wha what

        I thought the same thing. It was so hyped up prior to my viewing it that I thought it wasn’t that good. I still think it was a good movie, but not what everyone was making it out to be.

    1. It’s come and gone here in Boston… It might still be showing in Copley.

      Clint, who programs the Coolidge, said that he was amazed at the low attendance for the film, and blamed Miramax for bad promotion. I think it was just bad word of mouth, it really wasn’t good.

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