Cyberpunk Commute

I have been forgetting to post this all day.

I have been listening to Neuromancer as read by William Gibson in the car during my commute for a week or so now.  I’ve just about finished it up.  Anyway, I was doing this on the way to work this morning, when I passed by a car who had a door stencil reading Mnemonic (Inc | Corp | Ltd | Etc.).  Soon after I passed this car I was cut off by this SUV  with the license plate QCKSLV.  It was a very Cyberpunk commute.

(Ok, so Quicksilver isn’t a particularly cyberpunk book…  So what…  It’s still bizarre..)

2 thoughts on “Cyberpunk Commute

  1. Weird. I’m currently reading Virtual Light (published in 1993). On the art-predicts-life side, the book has a passage that implies that Schwarzenegger goes into politics, and a character named Hans Blix (not the UN inspector) figures prominently.

    1. I read Virtual Light in the past year and don’t remember the Hans Blix character… You’d think I would have caught that… Now I’ll have to dig my copy up and check it out, that sounds interesting…. I wonder if Hans Blix (the character’s) name happened to be borrowed from Hans Blix the person…

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