I had my ass handed to me again in Poker last night. I am in over my head at that game, so I am going to stop playing there until I get better.

The aforementioned rash has yet to go away, and doesn’t really seem to be improving, so it might be doctor time.

2 thoughts on “Ass

  1. I’m curious as to what tipped you off to being in over your head? Obviously losing money is a crucial sign, but I’m willing to bet you picked up on other signs. What about your play, or theirs, made you come to this conclusion?

    1. They all (well, most) play very reliably, very consistenly, and very good. These aren’t the low-limit online players, or the 2/4 foxwoods players… They are people who are serious about their game and improving it, and actively practice and study to do so.

      While I am working to improve my game, I am learning slower and had a later start. Therefore I have my ass handed to me.

      Also, I am in over my head bankroll wise. We are playing $4/8 limit hold ’em, which means if you play by the 300 big bet theory of how big your bankroll should be to support the game you are playing, I should have a poker bankroll of 2400 bucks. Mine is a fraction of that.

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