I love fishes cuz they’re so delicious!

Friday ruled… After work I went to the Mendon Drive-In with , Audra (from SNFC), and . Audra, Corinna, and I have been trying to go to the drive-in for about a year now, but either something always got in the way or they were just showing awful crap. We finally decided to go this weekend, and I invited members of my posse, but only Matt was interested. The drive-in has two screens, and does double-features. We saw Van Helsing and Hellboy. We really expected Van Helsing to suck, and boy were we right… I can’t even believe that movie was made.. But we went into it planning on ripping it apart, and we did, with “snarky” comments (Audra’s term). Hellboy, on the other hand, we expected to be good… I’d say that it was good, but it didn’t really feel like a whole movie… It had this “laying out the mythos” feel, but when it ended it didn’t really feel like it paid off. I think a sequel could be much better. I guess what I am saying is that I don’t think it was as “awesome” as some of my friends made it out to be. Anyway, the whole drive-in experience was rad.

There were all kinds of crazy plans for yesterday, including the Boston Full-House, Mario Kart Double Dash, and alcohol. I was starving by 1pm and decided to give Matt (who was planning on doing some slack lining with in the morning) a call. I was informed that not only had they already ate, but that our plans for the night changed entirely. They were now going to Foxwoods for some Poker action. I was kinda pissed that all our carefully laid plans for the weekend were shot to shit, but to be honest I have been jonesin for some real poker, so I didn’t complain too loudly. We got to Foxwoods around 5:30pm and left at 3:30am. It was that good. I love their poker room, the tables are always full and there are plenty of them. I was playing $2/4 Limit Hold ’em, and actually was able to sit down at a table with Matt. Todd was also on $2/4, Adam was playing $4/8, and was on $5/10, but they were all scattered around the room.

I played really well, honestly I believe that after the first 45 minutes I was there I was playing the best poker of my life. Convieniently, the best play of my poker “career” came at the same time as an AMAZING string of cards. I know “everybody plays good with good cards”, but in this case I think I really did, extracting maximal value from my tablemates. I sat down with $120 and left the day with $205. I was up closer to $300 at one point, but just was blinded down over 4 hours or so. One of the things that newbies don’t realize when then start playing poker is that if you are playing right it should be excruciatingly boring about 95% of the time. You just have to fold hand after hand, waiting for a good hand, and then make your move and take down a pot. This is especially true at low limits like 2/4, where you have no real chance of bluffing because mostly people don’t know how to play, and some idiot will call you down. Anyway, so my near-$300 was brought down to $205 through blinds and a few “unlucky” hands (good hands that just didn’t pay out for whatever reason, like another player sucking out, etc.)… But regardless, it was still a very profitable and fun night.

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