Congrats to all the gay/lesbian couples that were married today! Hopefully they can continue to do so from this date on.

I saw Spellbound (1945) last night with the movie club, and it was fantastic. I could have sworn I had seen it before, but didn’t remember the plot at all, so I’m not so sure.

3 thoughts on “Congrats!

  1. Massachusetts makes me happy this week. I wish the rest of the country could follow suit. The state has no right to impose such stipulations on someone’s life and happiness. Here’s to wishful thinking.

    1. Every time I hear a point/counterpoint on the radio, some conservative guy is going “BUT LOGICALLY YOU COULD MARRY A DONKEY, WHERE WILL WE DRAW THE LINE?”

      It seems pretty obvious we will draw the line at human beings, not blood relations, one union at a time. Now if you’ll excuse me, me and the blender have to go do something beautiful.

      1. THE LINE

        I can see the human being thing. The no blood relations thing makes sense from a having kids standpoint, but what would be the problem of a sterile brother and sister married? Why is it anyone else’s business?

        And more importantly, what do you have against polygamy? Cultures for millenia have found that arrangement to be an acceptable and effective family structure. Why should a bisexual have to choose between a man and a woman when it makes more sense to be involved with both?

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