I still haven’t heard how much it will cost to fix Maude. The garage is allegedly looking at the car this morning, so hopefully I will be able to make a decision regarding my automobile situation in the next 24 hours. I went to the Mini dealer on Tuesday and got all the details regarding a new one of those. They have (or, at least they had, it might be gone by now) a Mini that was pretty close to what I would order given the time, the only real thing I didn’t like about it was the black roof and the leather seats, but if I can’t wait two months I’ll take what I can get.

But, ideally, I hope to get Maude running again and be able to wait a few months before buying the Mini. I’d like to put money down towards it, and I’d also like to order exactly the car I want. But I don’t have *any* money right now, so I’d have to hope my parents could help me. But even if they were in the position to help me, I think that in my mind there is some cost threshold that if the repair violates I’d probably try and get the new car anyway.

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  1. Oi cars are such a headache! Yet they provide so much pleasure and freedom. It’s a tough call about what you should do. IF Maude (good name btw) is dead/too expensive to repair, look for a $500-1000 reliable beater. Order the Mini you want and it’ll be that much more special. Buying a car w/ no money down kinda scares me but I understand the situation. Having a reliable car is a HUGE relief of mental stress, it’ll allow you to enjoy life and focus on important things like your new job.

    What color combo/options would be your dream Cooper. Please tell me you’re looking at a Cooper S ;)

    1. I am not getting the S. A supercharger is just another thing to break, and I really don’t like any of the cars I’ve driven with one. Plus, it negatively effects the mileage (which is a major force behind my buying a Cooper). Plus, I have a ridiculous lead foot. Plus, I think the car is plenty sporty enough without the Supercharger.

      I want a Indi Blue/White Trim Mini Cooper with all 3 options packages.

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