R.I.P. Maude (1996-2004)

Maude’s water pump died and sheared the timing belt, which ended up
being a 615-750 dollar repair on a car worth 1700-1800 bucks. Knowing
that the car would need additional work in the near future, it simply
wasn’t worth it. I borrowed ‘s new ride and
went down to settle up with the garage, sign over the pink slip, and get
the plates and other stuff back.

So after I hear back this week about the drug test and physical, and
am a bit more sure about my job, I will go try to get my mini

Whoever owned the 802.11b Access Point we were using turned on WEP,
so we are once again without any real internet access. I always have my
Hiptop, though, so I’m not completely cut off… :)

Tonight at midnight we are heading out to the Coolidge to see “Wet Hot American
Summer” for a special Sunday Night Film Club outing (tomorrow is the
Oscars, so we won’t be having a usual meeting). I love this movie, so
the opportunity to see it on the big screen is too good to pass up.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Maude (1996-2004)

  1. same thing happened to lindsey’s camry- the bearing in the water pump just sort of disintegrated then the impeller started machining away the inside, until it eventually siezed and stripped the timing belt.

    Her repairs were crazy cheap though- only about $300.

  2. I vote that if you get a Cooper you name it “Nigel”

    Oh and fuck you for getting to see “Wet Hot American Summer” on the big screen. I have been hunting down one of those nautical rope braclets for months with no luck.

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