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Dunno why we were inspired to do so, but last week , and myself did some Google “ego searching” and I found out that if you search for “Sean Graham” I am now the top return. This caused Adam to ask a perfectly valid question: Who the hell links to me?

12 thoughts on “ego searching

  1. I managed to get 9 of the top 10 hits. Most of them refer to mailing lists posts I’ve made over the years, but the #1 result is straight to my web site. According to the link suggestion Pat gave, comes up with 0 results. I’m not sure how that happened. :)

    1. Actually, every slashdot post I make bears that URL. Does google take into account sites that have configured robots.txt to not allow deep link searches, but just not display them?

  2. Gee, when I search for me, I am the one and only person that comes up. And when you search for my last name, you get a bunch of links relating to my cousin Lukasz in Poland, plus some random Russian gay guy who apparently likes my last name.

    1. Sure, but there are several other domains in the results that have the words “sean graham” in the domain, like “”. That site (for the largest bookie in Great Britain or Ireland or something) blew me out of the water for years.

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