Feeling Better

Yesterday I drove home to NJ from Boston, and boy was I feeling lousy. Not really sick as much as run down. On top of that, the drive home just totally sucked, between the weather, traffic, and various construction, the trip was almost completely unbearable. I did manage to finish “Fast Food Nation” during it, though, so it wasn’t a completely lost trip. I did have to switch between the audio book and hard and fast Industrial/Punk music to manage to stay awake during the trip. Oh crap, the half of the lousy sub I got during the trip is still in the garbage can in the car, I’d better go out and get that after finishing this up..

I slugged around all of yesterday, and slept an ungodly amount of time, like 12+ hours or something crazy like that. But thankfully after all that sleep I feel fine, which is good, because I was afraid I was coming down with Corinna’s plague.

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