Cow Coat

Us kids took my parents out to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary last night, and I had a bit to drink. Over dinner, the subject of my great-grandfather’s Cow Coat came up. See, apparently back in the day my great-grandfather and a friend acquired a cow, somehow, and decided to have coats made from the Cow’s hide. But instead of leather, they had Cow Fur coats made. And not just any coat, but a full length trench (looking at the pictures, I guess it isn’t quite a trench. It was much more trench-like when I was 8). When we got home, I decided to put the coat on, and we made Aimee put it on. Don’t worry, pictures were taken.

p.s. I am not pro-fur, or anything like that, so don’t try jumping down my throat for it.

8 thoughts on “Cow Coat

  1. Man… I thought it’d be great to five-minute-photoshop in a pair of hoes Snoop Dogg style. Fifteen minutes later I can’t believe what a pain in the ass it is to find a pair of bitches that will fit… what’s the internet coming to?

      1. Re: Heheh

        I actually REMEMBERED the coat having white and black splotches, but apparently my memory of the coat was colored over time….

        An interesting aside is apparently the coat was made in Rochester, NY. I’d love to hear how this happened, but my dad has no clue and both his parents have passed away…

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