Savior of the Universe

A week ago I called T-Mobile to exchange my Sidekick… One of the keyboard keys was getting flaky, and I wanted to get it exchanged while I still had Warranty coverage. I got a replacement in the mail the other day, and it didn’t work! The ear speaker didn’t work at all, so when I was on a call I couldn’t hear the other end… That sucked… :) So I called back T-Mobile and they are sending me a Color Sidekick as a replacement for my trouble!

Found a renter for the apartment, and he was approved and all that stuff today. It will suck having to move out.

14 thoughts on “Savior of the Universe

              1. hm. no bowie. that sounds serious.
                i’ve never seen him before…
                well good luck, i hope things turn around for you soon. i know you’d rather be in boston. hopefully you wont be away for long!

                1. I’ve seen him twice before, but it never hurts to see him again… Even though he’s a vampire he isn’t going to last forever… :)

                  My goal is to move home, regroup, get a job to raise some savings and pay off my debts, and then come back to Boston. I’m sure Corinna would prefer my return be sooner rather than later… :)

                  1. she must be sad. still, you are from north jersey, right? is that 4 or 6 hours from boston? ryan was 4 from me in ct, and we did that like every wknd. it’s not horrible or anything.

  1. It’s not sidekick cool, but I just had pretty much the same thing happen with my Palm phone. In my case, the keypad is flaking out, the techs can’t fix it, so I call the insurance. They don’t have my model any more, so they asked if the newer 7135, full color model is okay.


    Should show in a couple days.

  2. savior..

    It will suck to move out….and to New Jersey…and back to Boston….but we all know it WILL happen….meanwhile…it will be a good time for family and friends to have you close and “on loan” from the Bostonians!!! So…”come on down”…you have been missed!!!

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