Met up with my pappy, aunt, and uncle this weekend at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Corinna came along with me, and we had a pretty good time, even though the weather could have been a bit better… I took some pictures, but I am somewhat limited by what equipment hasn’t yet been packed, so I will have to post them later. I brought a van-load of stuff to Rhinebeck and traded it off into Mom’s Honda Pilot (which she let dad take up to Rhinebeck). The Van definitely has more cargo space than the Pilot, but we got just about everything in there, except for the TV stand (which was a record cabinet when my dad made it 20+ years ago).

Yesterday, Corinna and I packed my dresser into the van and brought it to her place. She’s going to be storing/borrowing it for a while until I settle down a bit. I’m not going to be using it in NJ, and she needed a dresser, so while it is a bit big for her room, and isn’t quite a match with her decorating, she volunteered to take it on for awhile. We got to her apartment to find out that the shitty elevator in her building is busted AGAIN. So we had to leave the dresser in the car and hope that it is fixed today or tomorrow… I have to deliver my bed to it’s new owner tonight at 7pm, which should be eversomuch fun. I have to go buy a drop cloth or something to put over it and some rope to lash it to the roof of Maude. I am a bit nervous about the roping it on thing, as there is no roof rack and I am instead going to have to find something else to tie down on..

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