Quicksilver and Departure

I think I found a renter for my apartment today… There was this issue of the mgmt company not wanting to let an undergrad into the building, but it was resolved once the guy explained he wasn’t an undergrad as much as someone just taking some classes part-time. He seems like a cool guy, 23 years old, seems somewhat geeky, but that was more of a reading on my geekdar. I also found a buyer for my bed a few days ago, and they were cool enough to let me deliver it on Monday, preventing me from sleeping on the floor for a week! Assuming the deals close as promised, that makes Craigslist 2 for 2.

Met up with Adam and Carlos for lunch today… Adam had scheduled this lunch without realizing that today was Carlos’ birthday. I was apparently the only one that remembered outside of his family, so how about that! Thanks, Hiptop! Adam scheduled the lunch because apparently Carlos is moving as well! He had been planning on moving back to Puerto Rico at the end of the year, but once he started telecommuting fulltime for CYA, he realized that as long as they didn’t mind him doing the same from PR, he might as well move now. So he is moving after October.. The Rovia team will now be pretty freaking spread out across the land.

On the way back I stopped by the bookstore and picked up a copy of Quicksilver. While it is true that I may be broke, I have a hard time conjuring up guilt about purchasing books… They are books, for Christ’s sake!

This weekend Corinna’s friends Lisa and Ben were in town for a wedding… Lisa is a friend of Corinna’s from UMich, and Ben is her fiancee from Scotland. Both were way cool people, and we talked about all kinds of geeky stuff like Cryptonomicon, William Gibson, Invader Zim, etc. Lisa even hooked us up with the entire oeuvre of Zim which she just happened to have on her iBook. They left on Sunday and Corinna and I met up with the SNFC for a viewing of Party Monster, which was only OK, imho… Seth Green kicked ass, but the script was a bit uninspired and Macaulay Culkin was a bit difficult to swallow as the lead.

Thanks to everyone who left kind words yesterday regarding the death of my poochie.. She will be missed, but it is a comfort to know she went without pain and I got to see her one last time…

6 thoughts on “Quicksilver and Departure

  1. Craigslist is 2/3 for me in the past 2 weeks.

    It got me a job, a place to sublet for the month of October, but hasn’t landed me that elusive NYC apartment that doesn’t suck yet.

    I’m already city-stupid, I just wrote my rent check for October.. $1150, and I said to myself, that’s a deal, only $37 per day!

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