7 thoughts on “Cassie

  1. Oh no… I’m sorry… did she go on her own, or did you have to help her? She was a good dog, even tho she always tried to steal the meat off my sub from Ding Dong. :)

    1. My parents took her to the vet two or three weeks ago… She was hacking and stuff, turned out she had thyroid cancer. They could have put her to sleep then, but they chose (since she didn’t seem to be in pain or suffering) to bring her home for awhile… Which was good cuz I got to see her last week.

      The vet came by their house today to put her to sleep.. She was having more trouble with the hacking and she seemed to be having trouble breathing too…

  2. that is too bad :(
    dogs are such wonderful creatures and it hurts when you lose their companionship, just as much as losing a friend or family member. sounds like she was a cool dog. hope you are well.

  3. Cassie

    In as much as was possible she maintained her “very cool personality” right to the end-this is how we wanted to ease her transition out..we were blessed with a vet who had much heart and patience…while it was not an easy thing…I am glad I could hold her thru it…Go get the “squirrels in the sky Cass!!!”…

  4. I’m so sorry, Sean. Just remember she’s not in pain now, and cherish every memory you have. I understand how tough it is to lose a pet… just a few weeks ago, my family and I had to put our dog of seventeen years down. Maybe they’ll both meet up while they are up there sometime :)

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