Hyper craziness

Corinna stopped by after work today, we hung out and made dinner. I tried to do some kind of peanut chicken from scratch but it came out like ass (even though Corinna still maintains it was good). I didn’t use a recipe and just tried to wing the sauce, and it just didn’t come out right… Back to the drawing board.

I drove C-note home and when I got back here I awaited the appearance of Matt and Adam (who spent the day climbing). Matt brought his Dance Dance Revolution gear. God I hate that game…. I played it awhile ago and while I “got” the game, and did okay at it, I just didn’t really have any fun… I guess I am just some kind of old curmudgeon who would prefer a good ‘ol game of Ms. Pac-Man over some Japanese Aerobics Festival.

They played it all night, I watched at times, chilled with them, and just tooled around. Looks like Matt is going to be around this weekend, which is cool as hell, cuz the bastard is moving to Baltimore at the end of the month…. :(

Time to read a bit more and fall asleep. ttfn.

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