Fun with Air Conditioners

Yesterday sounded like it was fun for all of those who lost power… My parents didn’t lose power, but apparently parts of NJ and PA did, so I am not quite sure how they missed out… Did JCP&L actually do something RIGHT? No power loss here at all, but as a token gesture I turned off unnecessary lights and turned the A/C down so it was just keeping the humidity and the killer heat out. That’s my contribution to the grid. As it seemed like the blackout was moving like a wave, I had prepared by making a whole bunch of extra ice in case we needed it, but it’s just chilling now.

I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy, and today I got my first response in ages… From the response I am not entirely sure I am qualified for the job, but I will answer their questions and see what’s what. I also have applied for a few bogus jobs just to pay the bills in the interim. Yesterday I applied at the Kendall Cinema to work as a grunt there… The pay is decent, but I’m not sure if it will be enough for me to pay rent, let alone survive on…

The other day I noticed that CCTV has a posting in their window for an “Intro to OS X” instructor… It pays $15 an hour, obviously only for a few hours a week, but it might be fun.. I need to figure out another job before I apply for that one, though… I need something that I can pay the rent, I don’t want to stiff them without an instructor if I need to move out of here in a hurry.

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