Not my day….

Yesterday I wanted to clean the common areas of the house since they were getting pretty untidy. I busted out the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming the rug. I got just-about-finished with the rug and the vacuum cleaner shut itself off. There was a warning light on the back telling me that the motor overheated and there was a clog. I unplugged the thing and took it apart to unclog it, but the clog simply wasn’t coming out. After 45 minutes of struggle I got most of the clog out and figured I would try powering it up to see if the rest of it would get sucked out when turned on. I put everything back together and powered it up, and the belt burned out. So I threw the fucking vacuum cleaner down the trash chute with extreme predjudice. Rory said that me and the vacuum were now even. The crash that came up after the vacuum finished it’s 7 story journey down the chute was ever-so-satisfying.

Matt came by for a visit yesterday. We played some poker, and after a few hours of playing it was determined that some Soul Calibur 2 needed to be played. The problem was that the machine kept locking up. We did a bunch of diagnosis to determine that my GameCube is now fucked as well. And it’s out of warranty (of course, since I bought it they day they came out), so it would cost me $75 to get it fixed, which is out of my 0-income budget.

The bullshit level slowly rises….

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