After everyone got home in the evening Tad stopped by for a visit. I had seen him at the wedding, but didn’t get to talk with him too much (as it was one big happy swirling mini-CSH reunion). Tad, Rory, Adam, and myself all went out for dinner, attempting to go to this Italian place downtown (Maggliano’s or some such), but they had a 1.5 hour wait, so we ended up at this Irish place across the street. I got Shepards Pie which was really good (although others in the party disagreed), and as an appetizer I got Curry and Chips, which was this delicious curry dipping sauce surrounded by french fries… I wish I would have gotten another order of them as my main course… they were *that* good.

Corinna had stopped by after work, I was going to drive her home with her suitcase, but between her leaving and arriving I learned about Tad’s visit. She still wasn’t feeling good, so she stayed behind during dinner. After dinner, us 4 boys continued our conversation, and Corinna milled about. I felt bad about her getting the short end of the stick… Eventually I broke off from conversation to actually drive Corinna home like I had originally planned… She seemed ok with the evening’s turn of events, but I wasn’t really. I hate reneging on plans.

After I got back from Corinna’s, Tad was still there, so we ended up talking about various topics. At some point we got on old computers, mostly the C=64. Tad and I exchanged stories about old commie days, and we eventually got on the topic of some of the old 64 games. Spindizzy was an awesome isometric version of Marble Madness, but much harder than it’s “cousin”. We downloaded Frodo (a C=64 emu) and the disk image and played it for awhile… The we putzed around the c64.com looking for other games of our youth.

I woke up feeling nauseous, but now feel like I am going to be sitting on the throne all day… I wonder if I ate something bad, or perhaps it was just too much curry for me last night..

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  1. You don’t have to feel bad. I laid in your bed and read my book, which I finished last night, and it turned out to be incredibly good (D.H. Lawrence – Lady Chatterly’s Lover (don’t let the title make you think it’s a girly book)). And after reading about the rest of your conversation that evening, I’m really glad I left :)

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