My string of bad luck continues. I went to the supermarket today and left something in the cart when I packed up the car…. When I drove back to the parking lot it was missing… It was a rather expensive item ($10), so i’m kinda pissed at myself for forgetting it.

I did manage some reversal of fortune today… I traded in my busted GameCube and 6 old games (Tonk Hawk 3, Star Wars Rogue Leader & The Clone Wars, Luigi’s Mansion, Extreme G-3 Racing, Sonic Adventure Ass) in an attempt to get something for it that I could put towards a replacement GC in the future. I figured the machine only locked up periodically, so it would pass basic scrutiny. They gave me $55 for the machine, and they told me that if I put down $5 towards Madden 2004 or Soul Calibur 2 I would get a $5 bonus on each game I was selling back. I sold back all six games, which after the $25 bonus came to $121. After the transaction was completed the girl behind the register asked me if it was defective or not. I said no, lying through my teeth, and asked “Why, do you buy back defective units?” and she replied “Yes”. I asked “and you pay the same either way?” and she nodded. All my subterfuge was irrelevant. :)

I have a $121 credit now that I will use to buy a replacement GC. If I knew they bought back defective units I would have just gotten the replacement right there.

2 thoughts on “Whoop-whoop

  1. Dude.. don’t feel too bad…
    I once bought three playstation games, right?
    Xeno gears
    And Valiant Story
    I walk out of the store… leaving Xeno gears on the counter

    I’m still kicking the fuck out of myself.
    later, vader

  2. WOTD: subterfuge =]

    I lost my really spiffy Timex running watch a few days ago, maybe the bad luck is doing laps up and down the east coast.

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