Midnight Zombie Maniacs

Today was my second day of shooting on the set of Midnight Zombie Maniacs… I even remembered to bring my camera this time and take some pictures. I once again had a awesome time and can’t wait to see the finished product. I saw the trailer Nick had whipped up and it was great, and the dailies I saw today looked great too… I even had a few stellar moments today, imho.. :P

I talked with Nick and when he has finished the final cut he is going to give it to me on MiniDV instead of VHS… This is a good thing, since it is a real PITA for me to play VHS anymore (and MiniDV will look 800x better). I figure once I get my hands on that final cut I will throw together a DVD for him just for fun… He said he has a pretty funny set of outtakes, plus the trailer I saw today, plus the stills I took… Should be a pretty substantial DVD…

I got home after midnight and it took awhile to clean myself up… I still have some black under/around my fingernails… I will have to get some nail polish remover or something to get it off… I guess that’s what I get for using tooth black to blacken my fingernails… :) I had a nice Psycho moment when I washed all the dried fake blood out of my hair and watched it spiral down the drain in the tub… Very sexy….

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