Corinna came over last night and we headed out to see her friend’s band, Third Nipple play at the Zeitgeist over in Inman Square. They were alright, but they were a bit too improv wanky for me… I think as a whole they are a group of good musicians, but they would have needed a bit more focus to their music to keep my attention… It was just kinda a quasi-jazz jam session, but far more experimental, sparse, and avant-garde for my tastes.

We walked back to my apartment after the show, which was kinda fun/crappy due to the rain. When we got back to my apartment we changed into dry clothes, ate some garlic toast and chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies, and watched the first half of Jackass: The Movie on DVD. I’ve seen it a bunch now, but it still holds my attention. We watched the second half of it this morning, went out to breakfast, and I left her at her apartment to do some painting. I’m going to go do a second day of shooting on the zombie movie over at MassArt. Corinna wanted to do the zombie thing again as well but she had too much going on with her renovations to lose even more time..

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