Meat-Headed Shit-Sack

Corinna took me out to (finally) see Gangs of New York last night, and it was just as wonderful as everyone says. I was stunned at the cinematography, the framing, the script… I guess the only things I found that were flawed were Cameron Diaz, who just seemed out of place and did her usual ditzy job of stumbling through a role, and Henry Thomas, who I couldn’t take seriously once I realized he was the kid from E.T. I didn’t really mind the length of the film, even if it was the most-cited reason why my friends didn’t want to go see the movie with me.

Tonight Corinna and I are going to the Zeitgeist to hear her friends’ band play. It’s a late show, at 10:30, so hopefully I will be able to keep awake… I woke up around 6am this morning, so I am a bit yawny..

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