Friday Five

Here’s my answers to this week’s Friday Five.

  1. What was the first band you saw in concert?
    Man, this is
    stretching my memory, but I’m pretty sure it was a local Hopatcong band
    called the Monels. They sucked, but their claim to fame was that they were
    on the Gong Show.
  2. Who is your favorite artist/band now?
    Oh, there is no way I
    can narrow that down to one, so you’re going to have to accept a few
    answers: Talking Heads, Faith No More, David Bowie, and Skinny Puppy.
  3. What’s your favorite song?
    This one I can do: Talking Heads
    – Heaven (especially the performance from “Stop Making Sense”)
  4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?
  5. If you could meet any musical icon (past or present), who would it be
    and why?

    I don’t know… I tend to prefer my role as listener…
    Whenever I have met a musician I have respected I tend to turn into babbling

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