This one goes out to all the guys out there… What antiperspirant or deodorant do you use? I was using a few of the different Old Spice products for a few years, but recently (either due to change in formula or me getting old) I started reacting to them so I have to switch… I first picked Mitchum, because it didn’t have any perfume, and it worked fairly well, but it does this nasty caking thing which just grosses me out…

So I am looking for endorsements, and looking for a deodorant that doesn’t smell too strongly but does the job, and doesn’t cause you to break out into hives… =)

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  1. I picked up this natural salt rock thing at a natural foods store here (Lori’s on Jefferson). It is not an antipersperant, but it kills the bacteria that cause sweat to smell… so you still sweat, but it has no odor.

    One rock lasts for like ever too. :)

  2. I’ve been using Gillette ClearGel for a long time (sometimes antiperspirant, sometimes not). Tried the Old Spice ones over the summer, but have switched back. It usually takes me a week to get use-to a new deoderant, so whatever you switch to, give it some time.

    1. I’ve been using the Gilette ClearGel for quite a while too. It works well and doesn’t leave marks on your shirt =)

      I don’t know how rash-prone it would make you as my skin generally doesn’t care…

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