Sometimes I love pop culture

Ok, I’m probably not the first to touch on this, but I have to say that I derive extreme amusement that the title of R. Kelly’s new album is “Chocolate Factory”… Perhaps he should title his subsequent albums “Rusted Chevy Van”, “Would You Like A Balloon”, and “Hey, Teen Girls… Wanna Fuck??”… What the hell is wrong with this guy (you know, other than the pedophilia)?

Finished “Count Zero” last night, and it was so great… I am ashamed to have taken this long to finish it.. Gonna start re-reading “Mona Lisa Overdrive” now, and copies of “Idoru” and “All Tomorrow’s Parties” are on their way.

OS X is acting up again, same problem, which leads me to believe that the prior “solution” was a red herring as well.. I am going to try yanking memory tomorrow to see if there is a flaky DIMM (which I really doubt… I would expect instability, not slowness) and also create a new user and see if there is some other badness in that department (which would really cause me doubt in Apple, as I have already had to do that once already).

I am hoping to travel up to Rochester around March 8th for “FUMN: The Redemption”.. I definately need to redeem the glory of FUMN after the abysmal screenings last time around… Fortunately, the list of films I haven’t shown is still longer than the list I have.. I am also planning on giving myself more time and less to do on this trip, so hopefully all the people I neglected last time around will get to see my fine ass.

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  1. > March 8th for “FUMN: The Redemption”

    i’m sure the social committee can schedule around any date that’s good for you… i am confident that FUMN will rise from the ashes…

    > the list of films I haven’t shown is still longer than the list I have..

    just let me or one of the social directors know if you need any funds for films or perhaps food for the event… i’m sure we can throw some bank toward the event.

    1. I have already contacted social about the date, and the lovely has been as prompt as usual getting back to me (on the same day and everything… social wasn’t this prompt when I lived on-floor). She hasn’t confirmed the date yet, but I don’t expect it to be a problem…

      As far as money goes? Yeah, perhaps a few bucks for renting films, but that’s probably it.. We got the Krispy Kreme last time because all 7 people in my van decided they wanted Krispy Kreme on the way back to RIT (since the boston KK still hasn’t opened) and we knew that nobody could possibly argue with the sugar-coated air goodness…

      BITD, however, we have occasionally gotten pizza for FUMN nights, but I think that was even before renovation… If social thinks it’s a good idea, and has some flow lying around, I would be all about having some food there, especially if it could arrive some time around midnight (which is about as halfway point as you are gonna get)..

      And since the god-damned drink machine that I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into is still not working, it might be a good idea for Social to get a cooler of drinks ready since FUMN usually goes until 4am and the whore closes at 12… Or social could get someone to fix the god-damned drink machine… =)

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