Ok, so I went out to the other hippie mart (the harvest co-op) and picked up one of the alum salt stones that a few of you recommended.. I figure that it definately won’t cake, it doesn’t smell like anything, and hopefully I won’t react to it.. It seems way to freaking hippie for me, but my skin seems to be getting pretty sensitive in my old age, so I figured I would give it a chance..

And while shopping for deodorant I realized that while before I said
This one goes out to all the guys out there…”
I soon realized that deodorant is largely non gender-specific… For some reason I thought there were male and female styles, musta been all those “Secret” ads when I was young polluting my brain…

Of course, now that I am using unscented deodorant I wonder if I should start using some of the mountain of cologne/after-shave that my mom has been giving me for the past 5-6 years… It has always collected dust… Ladies?

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  1. deodorant

    Hmmmmm. well if you have been storing it for 5-6 years,I hope the dust has trangressed into the damn stuff too!!! Besides, it beats Stinkin’!!! That from the old bag that loves ya even when you do!!!

    1. Very clever. No, I shower at least once a day… I can’t stand the way I feel in the morning before I take a shower…

      When I go camping, literally the first hour of every day is spent lamenting the fact that I can’t take a shower.

  2. no smell much better than supposedly “good” smell.

    it might be the fragrences in the deoderant you’re reacting to. which means fragrences would be bad.

  3. don’t succumb!!!!

    i hate it when guys noticeably smell of cologne or weird stuff like that! it makes me suspicious of their alleged manhood ;) i think i was warped by my uber-traditional dad and brothers. to me, therefore, the only possble masculine smell other than sweat is old spice ;)

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