In case you were keeping score

I’m feeling much better today, as far as frustrated whining goes… I know I was irrationally cranky yesterday, but at least I identified it and took proactive steps to avoid subjecting others to it, no? I’m pretty sure it was the shock of having two completely laid back weeks to dealing with mobs of people and “outsiders”. Regardless of the cause, it has passed… :)

I am feeling quite unmotivated today… I might walk over to Micro Center and get a cheapo switch so I can keep both the machines in here connected… I would like to get a KVM switch as well, but that might be a bit too rich for my current situation (since I would need one that does USB as well)..

I was hoping to hang out with my various friends this weekend, but they have all deserted me.. =) As often the case, I have the house to myself. I was thinking about cooking, but if nobody else is here i will probably just go with something fast.. Perhaps another bagel sandwich..

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