I headed out to MicroCenter before to get that switch I mentioned… I found one, was ready to buy it, and on my way to the register I decided to check out what their prices on DVD-R/RW drives were.. I had looked at the prices a bit after getting the DV cam, thinking it might be a way to spend some christmas money… But the cheapest decent drive I could find was ~300 bucks… So I couldn’t afford it with my christmas money..

I didn’t expect MicroCenter to have a fantastic price on DVD-R/RW drives! They had the Cendyne DVR-105 drive for $230 plus a $30 mail in rebate! This company makes Pioneer’s (very well reviewed) DVD-R/RW drives, and this particular model is apparently the same (internally, anyway) as Pioneer’s DVR-A05 drive. I decided to go for it, as the sale ended this weekend, and I picked up a few blank discs (of each format).

I currently have the drive installed in the PC, but I think ultimately it will end up in the Mac (once I find some tools that will work with it, or Apple releases a version of iDVD that works with non-superdrives) since that is where I plan on doing most of my video editing. The drive came with some basic DVD-Mastering software which I played around with a bit… I burned some of the Stellafane footage Chuck shot back in 2000 to a DVD-RW, but couldn’t get it to play in any of the DVD players in the house (Mine, Adam’s, or the PS2). My player doesn’t even read CD-Rs, so I didn’t expect it to work (the poor old beastie). I played it on the computer though, in PowerDVD, and it worked, but the video quality was kinda crappy… So I think I will hold off on the actual DVD Video fun until I get some better tools. In the meantime, though, it will be great for backing up data.. For once I won’t have to play so many games when backing up my workstations..

I was also thinking of backing up all of my mp3’s (~60g) to DVD media of some kind.. I bought a spindle of 10 generic DVD-R discs for $25.. In a few months I’m sure that price will come down, so backing up all that music might be feasible. Granted, I have most of the mp3’s in original CD form, but reencoding all of them would be a total bitch…

Anyway, right now I have an annoying headache, but I pounded back a fistful of ibuprofen before (ok, fistful is an exaggeration, stop panicing) and am going to settle in and watch a Henry Rollins DVD… Did I mention that Chuck and I are going to see him do spoken word live here in Boston in February? Should be a blast!

Word is that Matt, Frances, , Hilary (one L or two?), and myself might be headed out for Dim Sum tomorrow morning, but I haven’t heard any official plans yet.. Should be quite a challenge for me as my sleep schedule creeped to 4-5am to 12-1pm while I was in NJ… I haven’t seen the lot of them in a month or so (since Rochester), so it will be good to catch up with them… Hopefully we have time to have some fun after breakfast too, although I bet all the playgrounds in the area are iced out.. :(

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