I suddenly turned cranky this afternoon… I went out before to mail something to and to hit up my safe deposit box.. I went to the bank first, and the cluebag there couldn’t find the vault key, so I had to stand around wanking it for like 5 minutes while she pulled her shit together… Call me crazy, but I would think that the fucking vault key would be something the bank would have an interest in keeping an eye on. Anyway, if I just had to wait 5 minutes, I would have been fine, but instead I had to wait 5 minutes wondering what the fuck my bank was doing losing the vault key.

I started to walk to the post office when I realized that I had forgotten the thing I needed to mail, which irritated me, but I brushed it off… I stopped by Carberry’s and got a hot tea, got some cold cuts at the Bread & Circus over on Prospect, and came home and made a sandwich utilizing the bagels I brought with me from NJ (since there isn’t a bagel worth a damn in a 100 mile radius surrounding Boston). I even watched some A Cook’s Tour on the TiVo while I was eating.. Any mild stewing that had occurred because of my earlier inconvieniences subsided… I gathered my stuff and headed back out into the wild.

I get to the Post Office and the line extends from the front desk to Madagascar. People are annoying me, especially the ones that can’t figure out the god-damned stamp vending machine.. Jesus christ, it isn’t that complicated. May I add that the Post Office itself is one of my least favorite places in the world… Every time I go to the post office I get stuck behind some crusty old bitches, all named Maude, who have to chit-chat with the civil servant who is supposed to be expediting my travel through the line. I know I am an irritable bitch about 100 percent of the time, but I really don’t think any human is engineered to deal with the Post Office.

I decided that while I was in Central Sq. again I would stop by the CVS to get my passport picture taken. This was the final thing keeping me from actually applying, and I figured getting it out of the way would motivate me to get the application submitted. I stop by, get the guy with the big nose to take my picture (which I look like a fool in, but whatever), and then have to wait like 15 minutes while he waits for some other cluebag to finish using the public-access digital photo printer. This guy just can’t figure it out, perhaps he should hook up with the stamp idiot. Finally dickwad makes his print and big-nose can print up my photo. 8 bucks later I have the pictures.

I hear something fall on the other side of my bedroom window. Thinking it is the remote sensor for my wireless outdoor thermometer, I take a peek… Turns out it was just ice, but my sensor had fallen off the building long ago, covered in ice. Since it would be pretty precarious getting out of the window, down the little incline, and onto the roof of the bay window on the 2nd floor, I decide against trying to retrieve it now, opting to wait until the ice melts… The sensor is still working, but I can’t imagine it is entirely accurate half-buried under ice… This pisses me off as well

So I think I am going into recluse mode today, at least until I calm down from all my crappy public interaction today…

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